■Registration charges ... 3500 yen


■Experience charges .....4500 yen


■Lesson fee /1 lesson 55 min

・Single ... 5800yen

・ Five times ticket /28700yen

・ Ten times ticket /57000yen


・Double ... 4250yen /two same

・Group ......3300yen /50 min



■Ballet Barr&floor ..2600yen /60 min






Prior questionnaire


To offer the lesson that is most suitable for a visitor by security;

Please list the following contents in column.

1, medical history (include it in the past)

2, now point out of condition, symptom

3, purpose, aim

4, exercise, training experience

5, other hope

6, When do you want to reserve?


メモ: * は入力必須項目です